A cognitive dissonance

H2O Effect

water and the effect on our lives.

Tzunami for the kneeling Tzunami for the kneeling
the ovewelming force of modernity on the ones that only want food to survive.

fire cities fire cities
Like flames of the fire it sizzles unabated

adrift adrift
the sea as the mind of modern men's awarness

dialogue dialogue
so we listen or wait to speak?

water knot water knot
acrylic on postboard 13" x 35"

where flesh meets sky where flesh meets sky
acrilic on postboard w13"x h14"

evening storm evening storm
Acrylic on post board

With the fishes With the fishes
Acrylic on paper 22in X 28in


The artist community of laments the passing of Jose Alfredo Trevino. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Jose Alfredo Trevino, RIP.

co-creating healing energy

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