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Artist directory :: A SOMERSAULT OF THOUGHT

Counscioussness seeks order over chaos, assimilate and formulate art with my suggestions on canvases. awareness sees itself.

           A    SOMERSAULT        OF      THOUGHT


Jose Alfredo Trevino 
Jose Alfredo Trevino grew up in a border town in Mexico. There is a tradition in Mexico of placing visions into art for a healing purpose . Ultimately, his art is a study of self-reliance and examination of the unknowable. All surfaces are recycled materials. This endeaveor discovers beauty in the fibers of the discarded, painting on re-purposed posters reminds me of the wheel of Karma and all the past lives we have lived as well as the recyclability of life.


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293 Euclid ave
Oakland, CA 94610
United States


H2O Effect water and the effect on our lives.
Nature and Form 19 items
the Art of Being in Dreams Are dreams portals of other worlds? now and then vivid dreams would allow me to paint who i have been in dreams,
Undetermined Effects potentiality is a dormant state in all creative energy , this series explores the potentiality of form
Image Can cognitive dissonance be present in everysday life? this gallery is an attempt to evoque this question
Hounds of War an attempt on healing the death wish in all of us.
waking healing 13 items
silver or lead For more than 30 years there have been forces that were at play underneath the social strata in my hometown, in the last 10 years though it came out of the underground into a all out war between opposing groups of the underworld.
That which is Named is not the Eternal Name work from that space if one can call it that
in the mist of turmoil is there heaven on earth? how does that feel like? i have seen hell on earth what is the energetic field this state holds in all of us?
the void connects everything no longer a concept its an energetic fact
gravitas  experimenting with gravity and monoprinting; there where some good results.
the shift below once life recapitulated, the esssence of living springs out in everything that is perceived.
The dissonance of thought the cunnudrum of the interdependence of infinity and singularity.
deconstruction of thy self Portals of effervescent states of counciussness . Facilitating double Helix vortex posibilty.
Sumer lake Merritt 16 The ways the wind a anounces it's presence before I feel it on my skin so was the beckoning of the spirit.
transition towards clarity the new seers realized in order to lay another path, they must fixed their attention towards the abstract. only then with unbending intent could the three enemies of the four could be overcome: fear, power, clarity; the fourth being death.
Space Between Dreams before form energy arises from the void
Desillusionment of Form Fluid forms transverse the notion of what form is impacted by gravity and chance.
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