A cognitive dissonance

the Art of Being in Dreams

Are dreams portals of other worlds? now and then vivid dreams would allow me to paint who i have been in dreams,

self portrait (the guardian)  self portrait (the guardian)
acrylic on post board h17inch X13.5

self portrait (the ethereal self)  self portrait (the ethereal self)
acrylic on post board

self portrait (the social self) self portrait (the social self)
Acrylic on postboard 28 X 22inch

self portrait (the addict)  self portrait (the addict)
acrylic on poast board

self portrait (the seer) self portrait (the seer)
acrylic on postoard

self portrait (merciles self)  self portrait (merciles self)
acrylic on post board

self portrait (the merciful self) self portrait (the merciful self)
acrylic on post board

self portrait (the royal) self portrait (the royal)
acrylic on postboard


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got me thinking..
-- Josie Franco, 8/5/11

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