A cognitive dissonance

silver or lead

For more than 30 years there have been forces that were at play underneath the social strata  in my hometown, in the last 10 years though it came out of the underground into a all out war between opposing   groups of the underworld. first it was hundreds of women's corpses found in the desert; lately drug  cartels are battling it out for control of the cocaine trail to the US as well as copycats who take  the law into their own hands or is it a vice of monsters of antiquity that have ruled for centuries; in the dark, completely detached.  Murder is a daily occurrence.

Shelter (Refugio) Shelter (Refugio)
 Monoprint, Acrylic on paper 20 X 28 inches

Body found ( cuerpo encontrado) Body found ( cuerpo encontrado)
Acrylic on postboard 15 X 22 in

Autor intellectual ( master mind) Autor intellectual ( master mind)
Acrylic on paper 15in X 2In, monoprint

Esbirros (Henchman) Esbirros (Henchman)
Acrylic on postboard 18in X 25In monoprint

 Los cobardes asesinan 16 ( cowards murder )  Los cobardes asesinan 16 ( cowards murder )
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First massacre of 2010; 16 students are murder on late saturday of the 30th...


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