In 2006, I took a basic aromatherapy class and fell in love with essential oils. Since then, I have used them regularly for basic needs such as healing a burn with lavendar, diffusing lemongrass to uplift my living space, using tea tree and citronella to repel insects, lemon oil with borax to clean surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom and  geranium and frankincense in my skin care.

I've also regularly use specific Young Living blends in my Reiki healing work such as White Angelica to strengthen the aura and Valor to help ground and balance the clients energies. I also incorporate other blends specific to a clients needs, such as: Harmony, Joy, Surrender, Peace and Calming and many others. 

It was not until 2014, that I fully embraced the beneficial properties that Young Living essential oils had to offer when I made radical changes in the way I lived due to some health issues. At this point, I became my own advocate and doctor and underwent a complete makeover in my diet, home and health care and beauty products.  I researched  non stop when I had the stamina to do so and I learned what to eat and what not to put in or on my body. I learned about the hazards of synthetic chemicals that are used in so many products that most of us take for granted: bath and body care, shampoo, laundry detergent and softener, air fresher so, perfumes, and more. These chemicals can disrupt hormones, endocrine neurotransmitters and can even act as carcinogens for anyone. For me, in my weakened state, these chemicals were extremely toxic and overloading my liver. I eliminated everything synthetic and turned to essential oils 100%. I made my own body lotion and moisturizer, home cleaning products, laundry detergent, toothpaste, deodorant and even natural perfume. I also used the blends, Thieves, Valor, Purification and Brainpower which I believe were instrumental in my healing process. 

In February 2016, I decided to join Young Living as a Wholesale Member. I have been so thoroughly impressed with the consistent high quality therapeutic grade essential oils that are produced by Young Living, that I wanted to not only receive products at discounted rates, but also be able to share the good news with others about the quality of life and health that Young Living has given to me and to pass along the savings. If you are interested in purchasing any Young Living oils or products or becoming a wholesale member yourself, please contact me -

My member number is #3625270


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