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Janel Motichka Hernandez

Artist directory :: Janel Motichka Hernandez

Fine Art inspired by nature and spirituality including: paintings, photographs, collages, jewelry, fiber and textile art Healing Arts include: Art activities for self discovery, Usui Reiki , yoga and Pranic healing, young living essential oils, crystals,

Janel Motichka Hernandez


Janel Motichka Hernandez 
Janel Motichka Hernandez is an artist, educator, healer and yoga instructor. She grew up in the Pocono Mountains of PA where she was surrounded by the inspiring everyday magic of indigenous flora and fauna. From an early age, she would rise at dawn and head toward the woods; pulling a wagon behind her through the family lawn, glistening with dewdrops and morning sun. She would "park" her wagon in the woods, where she would sit very still in order to observe and draw birds and small animals at close range. Another early pursuit that brought her a great of delight, was to collect small found objects along with rocks, minerals and tiny twigs to create a line of natural adornments which celebrated nature. By the time she was in college, she was selling...


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Janel Motichka Hernandez
New Smyrna Beach, FL
United States


Artwork Paintings and 3D Art inspired by nature and spirituality Acrylic on canvas and multi media Commissioned work upon request Shipping rates will vary according to location.
Photography Celebrate the majesty and variety of nature Images captured in awe with the intent of serving as visual escapes Available in the following formats : * 8"X10" photograph with an 11X14 ivory archival quality mat * 16X20 poster
Jewelry Semi Precious gemstone jewelry inspired by nature. Unique and one of a kind. This collection serves as a gallery of my work. Custom jewelry designed according to your needs.
Energy Healing Sessions Healing sessions in Reiki which incorporate Pranic Healing techniques, crystals and Young Living essential oils to support the chakras.
Prayers and Poems A small collection of my prayers and poems for your enjoyment.
Guided Meditations Simple guided meditations to balance, clarify and heal.
Yoga Classes Yoga classes for children and adults on hiatus until further notice. *Children grades 3-5 beginner classes held at Sweetwater Elementary, Port Orange Dates and times TBA Grades 3-5 boys and girls 2:15-3:15 pm on Tuesdays Please wear comfortable clothes and be ready for some fun!.
Art for the Heart Healing Workshops Art for the Heart Healing Workshops You might think of these workshops as a "spa session for the spirit." Workshops for insight and healing incorporate several healing modalities to assist the participant to connect the emotional heart and rational mind in processing challenging emotions that may relate to loss, trauma, transition, recovery, forgiveness, stress relief or building courage to achieve new goals.
Janel's Organic Solutions Natural Skincare Full Set 8 oz/4 oz Silky Scrub ($15./7.), 8 -oz/4 oz Body Bliss Butter ($25./15.), 1 oz Lovely LIps Beauty Balm ($7.) and 4 oz/1 oz Forever Fresh Natural Deodorant ($20./7.)
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