Art's Alive 2016

Connected: Azurite & Malchite with Australian Black Jade
Art's Alive! 2016 is the first weekend of November, November 4, 5, & 6, in La Conner, Washington. Jane Penman will have a Stone Art Necklace at the Open Show. The piece has three stones set on a sterling silver grid that has been fabricated from square rods. The rods connect the stones, hence the name "Connected: Azurite & Malachite with Australian Black Jade".  Jane Penman will be upstairs at the Open Show on Friday evening. 

Jane Penman will have a dozen new Stone Art Necklaces at Earthenworks Gallery.
Some of the stones featured are Gem Chrysocolla, Cerrillous Turquoise, Charoite, Australian Gem Gaspeite, Prince of Wales Polka Dot & Stingray Fossil Coral, which is 380 million years old.  All of the stones Jane Penman uses have a story. She will be at Earthenworks on Saturday & Sunday afternoons, 1PM to 4PM.


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