Pacific Northwest Stones

          Mount Rainier Jasper- the one I have is dark green with some 
               yellow/orange areas
          Poppy Jasper-larger pieces come from the Straight of Juan de Fuca;
               found as beach rocks NW Washington 
      Rhodonite-I have some great slabs from the Stilliguamish River
      Thuelite-a pink stone with some black and very dark green areas;
               comes from above Riverside in Eastern Washington
      Stilpnomelane-from Mount Blanchard, which is just south of           
               Bellingham in Skagit County; black, sometimes rosettes; found
               in chert (gray green) and in quartz; also found in North Cascades,
               Northern California, New Zealand
      Petrified Wood
               Saddle Mountain
     Washington Green Chalcedony
     Common Green Opal-near the WA/Oregon border 
     Common Opals
          Oregon Pink Opal
          Owhyee Blue Opal
          Biggs Jasper
          Bruneau Jasper
          Deshutes Jasper
     Oolite-fossilized algae, brown with a hit of burgandy and green,
          pattern of small circles
     Petrified Wood
          Hampton Butte Petrified Wood-dark green
Britsh Columbia
     Fraser River Green Jade-dark green with some hints of black
     Salt Spring Porphry-Salt Spring Island, brown and yellow conglomerate
     Salt Spring Rhodonite-Salt Spring Island; unusual hot pink color,           
           black and green areas, likened to a "Monet"
     Texada Flowerstone-black or gray basalt with tiny white flower  
           patterns; Takes me a day and a half and three BC ferries to 
           get to where these stones are found
Northern California
      Vonson Blue Jade-gray blue color from Petaluma, hasn't been mined in
            over 60 years  


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