Stones, Alphabetically

CHAROITE-a strong purple stone from Russia, usually has white streaks
though I usually use the less common variety with black dendrites, or markings       
CHINESE WRITING STONE-a black stone with strong white marks that resemble Chinese writing; from Mexico and also some from
Vancouver Island, B.C.
GASPEITE-The Gaspeite I have used and the little I have left to work with came from Australia.  It's a bright lime green and some of it very pure in color.  Unfortunately, the mine has been buried. 
KAMBABA-a rich dark green with black circular patterns; Madagascar
LAPIS LAZULI-good strong blue, areas of some pieces have gold pyrite;
purchased at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show in 2006 from Baker Rugs
from Afghanistan.  He had bins of Lapis under the tables.  All I knew 
was to look for the dark blue .  This was six months before I got into
LARIMAR-A brilliant blue with interesting patterns; there's a rock dealer from San Dominican Republic which has the only Larimar mine in the world; he buys directly from the miners; I've purchased the top 2% of the quality that comes out of the mine; also called "The Atlantis Stone"  
PERUVIAN PICTURE OPAL- blue variety and a pink variety; sometimes has black dendrites; Peru
SUGALITE-a rich purple color that sometimes is magenta, sometimes with dark gray; (blue Sugalite is known as Richtorite); South Africa


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