Artist Statement

Creating a necklace is an adventure.  I love playing with the elements of silver and stone.  It's about finding out what works together, the spaces, the proportions, and the flow.  It's about being totally involved with the piece, getting out of ego, and letting the piece evolve.

My passion for creating organic jewelry with silver and stone was influenced by my Pacific Northwest roots in nature.  I found an awe of life, constantly being created.  This magic I saw expressed in beach rocks and other stones with their infinite variety of  forms, textures, colors, and subtleties.

I developed a unique and natural manner of cutting and shaping stones organically, letting the stones be my guide.  Then, I polish the stones just enough to bring out the stone's natural coloring.  I create many Art Jewelry necklaces by playing with sterling silver rods, discovering what works together with the stones.  With this process I find joy!


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