Being a jewelry artist was never in my plans.  Professionally, I was a kitchen designer.  However, I never forgot the river rock necklace that I passed up when traveling in 1999.  Then in 2005 I ended up in a metalsmithing workshop.  I became immersed. I even bought a house, so that I had room for a studio.  A year later I happened on a rock and gem show.  There was a sign-up sheet for classes, so I soon began lapidary classes.  Here I learned to cut and polish stones in traditional cabochons.  Using a templete for shapes and  highly polishing the stones was not my style.  Thus, I developed my own way of cuttting and polishing stones more naturally, which has become the focus of my stone necklaces.  This all began in my mid-fifties.  For me it was acting on opportunities that arose, which could have slipped by.  I didn't plan this adventure!


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