This website is designed by and managed by Mary Lee McNutt's daughter and only child, Shielagh. "Mom began drawing and painting in her teens and did so for the rest of her life. Her paintings are so striking and inspirational to many that I wanted to make their images available to my family, friends and the larger community of art lovers."
Unless otherwise noted, all paintings are in Hochberg's private collection.
The photos below are of Mary and Bob in Westlake, approximately 1975; Mary and Shielagh in Los Angeles, 2001; Shielagh in PA, 2010.

I recently came across two photos of Mary laughing, and her joy is infectious.
The first was taken a The Birches, on Megunticook in Camden, around 1990.

The other is with Alex when he was less than a year old, 1975.



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The Life and Art of Mary Lee McNutt, 1921-2005