Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy

Mary Lee and Shielagh
My first cousin, Mary’s niece, Marietta “Mary” Lee, has established an amazing art museum in Sarasota, Florida containing her vast and impressive collection of paintings, sculpture, unique crafts and other artistic expressions. Mary owns a large number of my mother’s paintings and rotates them throughout the galleries of the museum as she curates this amazing collection. She owns Highwaymen art; the wonderful and colorful kinetic sculpture of Frederick Prescott; the popular graphic art of Leoma Lovegrove featured on clothing and housewares and even bicycles in Southwest Florida; and so much more. Mary Lee has made her museum, a vast series of galleries where nothing is for sale, a must-visit venue in Sarasota. The photo of Mary Lee and Shielagh was taken in front of a small oil Mary Lee McNutt painted in 1970 on the occasion of Shielagh’s wedding, an impressionistic bridal portrait. 


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The Life and Art of Mary Lee McNutt, 1921-2005