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Great artwork. So inspired!
-- Joan Whitley, 11/7/20

I was pleased to find this website for this artist. I bought one of Mary's paintings at the Stanford University "Treasure" sale (where alumni donate items to sell as part of a school fundraiser). The painting I have is dated '64, is about 20x20" and is a modern landscape--almost color fields. I was surprised to see her other work on this blog, which seemed much more representational. We enjoy the painting. Happy to send a pic, if you like. -Ed
-- Ed Terpening, 5/26/18

Hello, I came across this site while looking for the biography of the artist for 2 paintings I own, "eye of god" signed Mary Mcnutt 65 with a gallery tag still on the back of the frame #26. Evolution of the Soul. I would assume this is the specific exhibition. The other is titled "mandala for meditation" and is simply numbered 38. Would you like photos to add to the gallery?
-- Allan Taylor, 5/6/18

I believe we may be very distant relatives. Not positive although the story, as told by my late Mother, Wilma Rae Crow-Clark, was just that ... Related somewhere down the line to Mary Lee McNutt. My mom was a twin; they were identical and folks in Holly Grove, AR called them "big bit & little bit". Her sister, who passed in 2005, was Wilda Mae Crow-Merkobrad. My Aunt Wilda also lived in Pacific Palisades during the same time your Mother did. Maybe they were friends, not relatives ... IDK? How did your Mother sign her paintings? I am in possession of a painting, signed "McNutt", in the lower right corner. It hung on our wall in the living room as far back as I can recall ... My Mother, Wilma, just loved it! My Mom passed Apr 17 2013. I am still in the process of sorting out her possessions. I've always wanted to find out about this painting. If acceptable, I'd like to send a picture of it ( by email or ?? ) to see if, in fact, it is one painted by Mary Lee McNutt. It has to be from the late 50's - mid-60's. It is an oil on canvas, I believe ..... Scenic, somewhere in the Fall. Lots of orange & brown shades. Please let me know if I may send a picture to you. Thank you very much ~ So much Artistic talent in your immediate family!
-- Pamela Frances Clark, 6/6/17

Her paintings are absolutely beautiful. I especially like her spiritual abstract pieces.
-- Sharon L Yackley, 9/30/13

Loved seeing her art. What was her connection to Winter Park and Rollins?
-- Barbara Tate Maddox, 9/11/12

Shielagh, I gather from this lovely tribute that your mother was a beautiful young woman who went on to lead a most interesting life. A talented artist too. Love the painting of you age 10. What a wonderful work of love you've created.
-- Joan, 2/1/12

Such a beautiful, loving tribute to Mary. I had no idea that she was such a profound artist with such a rich background. Hopefully she's smiling at her daughter's moving tribute to her.
-- Renee Fagan, 1/23/12

How wonderful to read about Mary and see her gift....
-- S Tephanie, 1/23/12

I love Aunt Mary's work! Her pieces are hanging everywhere in my house! I'll take some photo's and email them to you so you can share them with other fellow art lovers. What a great website!
-- Allison Tate, 1/20/12

The Life and Art of Mary Lee McNutt, 1921-2005