Remembering Mary

Mary Merrick Lee, circa 1940
I conceptualized this website and its contents in January 2012 after months of my working on the letters of our grandfather. I am still processing those letters, written to his mother between 1906 and 1912 from boarding school and college and then during his early work life, in an attempt to better understand the man about whom I rarely have heard a good word spoken. I can say that I have some empathy for him now, nonetheless with reservations.
In meditation a powerful image of a website devoted to Mom and her artwork became very vivid, and today, three weeks later, it is a reality.
I invite all family members and friends who own any of Mary's work to send me a digital photograph of the art with its particluars, usually written by Mary on the back of the painting, and I will upload it here. If you don't have my personal email, contact me via the Contact Page and I will gladly contact you!



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The Life and Art of Mary Lee McNutt, 1921-2005