Hello my name is Vinh. People call me Vinh. LOL. surprised?
I have a strange sense of humor, I know.
Seriously, I see myself as two things, a designer and a draughtsman
In the language of visual art, draftsman are defined as excellent control with their tools. These tools can be a brush, pen, pencil or any of the digital tools.
We strive for perfection in our observation and control with our marks. These marks are in fact what you see in the form of a picture. If these marks are placed in the right place, location, angle & coordinates it will all make sense to the viewer. A long time ago, about 300 years ago, engravers, and pen artist were considered this way. They were clean and precise. Looseness, can be clean and precise though at first glance, it can appear free and wild. But these strokes or painterly signature are placed with thought and efficiency.
In representation art, these marks can not, I repeat can not be anywhere else except in those areas. They form a mosaic mesh of color, values and shapes that
register to the viewer's mind as a coherent image.

This my friend, I define as a draughtsman.

The other are all thoughts, concepts and ideas. They are in fact  thoughts on paper or monitor screen in the forms of an image. These images are used to discuss, plan and
work out ideas. They are means to an end. Concept art does not need to be pretty,though they are at times. Their purpose is to function as a preliminary
stage of development. As  DESIGNER, I am asked to put text, and verbal cues together to spell out intangible ideas to a visual form. Furthermore, designers brain storm and work out visual problems that might or might not occur in this process. In essence, a designer are asked to work out design esthetics and resolves all visual issues.

For those who are new to the game of art and concept designs, the drawing is only an expression that one needs to communicate these visuals in a clear concise way.
You need to be a good artist, like a person who plays and instrument well but the goal is to make beautiful music. You can not make beautiful music without knowing the basics. This is the beginning....

All good designers have their inherent uniqueness. Ideas, expression vary from artists to artists. We are hired for this characteristics so start drawing more and once you know the language you can in fact express your ideas.

Many images you see are either tight or loose. It depends on my purpose. Some are only exercises to sharpen up the blade.. and some are full blown ideas work out for presentations.



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