Charlie Chaplin, surrealism, painting, mixed media
So, I looked up one day at a painting I was struggling with and thought why is this just not working for me? It was a still life and done well enough, but it bored me so profoundly that I had the most overwhelming desire to do something radical to it. But what?   That is when I started experimenting with textures  and collage elements-  Oooo, la la!  I really enjoyed doing that! Consequently,  I decided to use texture, mediums and collage elements as a regular part of my work. The whole creative process became so different from just straight-forward painting and  that  was exactly the change I was looking for. My paintings now have a fuller and richer dimension. The juxtaposed images help to create more provocative pictures that tell a story. Helping me tell my stories often are the images of Hollywood stars from long ago.




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