I am originally from Hollywood California but make my home now in Calgary.   I was born into a family of artists and musicians, so it was no great surprise that I followed the same path. After years of painting more traditional compositions I became enamored with the surrealists - Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte in particular. Their flamboyance and  unique perceptions on art fascinated me. I then discovered the use of mixed media which was really a departure from plain old painting.  I found that was the direction I'd been looking for to take my work.  This realization felt very liberating and my paintings developed in a new and wonderful way. And that is how I became a Pop Surrealist.  I went from painting boring old bowls of fruit and landscapes to creating paintings that illustrate thought provoking stories.  I find populating my paintings with Hollywood stars from long ago an extension of my love for classic films and I usually incorporate humor in most of my work because who couldn't use a good laugh now and again?


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