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So glad that God but us back in touch.
-- Bil Goff, 2/22/19

Your art makes me feel good inside.
-- Bil Goff, 2/15/19

I was just thinking about you and just wanted to say hi, loving all your work. Hope all is well, the site looks great!!
-- Robert Newbold, 6/16/16

Hi there! I am interested in participating in your next show. Will you please send me your schedule for registration? Thank you so much.
-- Dionne Siegrist, 12/27/13

Your Pre Christmas 2013 show was one of the best I have ever been part of. Thank you so much for all of the work that you do to make your events quality and entertaining!!
-- Brenda Dyck, 11/26/13

Enjoyed Your Gallery, Thanks.
-- Rodney Guitarsplat, 8/23/13

Your work is very thought provoking. It often has a mix of talent and humor that is fun to explore. Wonderfully different and unique! Good stuff!
-- Brenda Dyck, 6/29/13

More great work! Shared your site on FB.
-- Judith Hladik-voss, 7/24/12

Damned Awesome Girl!!!
-- Dennis, 9/8/11