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Fine Art by Nicole

Artist directory :: Fine Art by Nicole

Surrealistic paintings incorporating pop icons and images. Created with collage elements, acrylic paint and textures. Paintings populated with images of Hollywood stars.

Fine Art by Nicole


Nicole Musser 
I am originally from Hollywood California but make my home now in Calgary. I was born into a family of artists and musicians, so it was no great surprise that I followed the same path. After years of painting more traditional compositions I became enamored with the surrealists - Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte in particular. Their flamboyance and unique perceptions on art fascinated me. I then discovered the use of mixed media which was really a departure from plain old painting. I found that was the direction I'd been looking for to take my work. This realization felt very liberating and my paintings developed in a new and wonderful way. And that is how I became a Pop Surrealist. I went from painting boring old bowls of fruit and landscapes to...


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Nicole Musser
Calgary, AB


Upcoming Events I am only participating in markets for my Steampunk jewelry and journals. Click on this link to see the markets I have booked so far: 2023 Markets - White Rabbit Arts I will keep you posted on any fine arts events I join. Hope to see you at the markets!
Recent  Artwork A general overview of my work. Please contact me for prices.
Hollywood Stars These pieces are my homage to the stars from Hollywood's Golden Age of film.
Steampunk Jewelry and Journals I've always been fascinated by Steampunk and took this "Covid-19 self- isolation" to explore jewelry making and journal covers. Here are some my creations.
Prints, 100% of proceeds to go to Calgary Humane Society These are paintings that are available as prints. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Calgary Humane Society. All prints are 8" x 10" and only $30 each ( plus shipping).


Gearing up for the Holiday Season
Getting ready for the holiday markets and the Ladies Night Event I'm hosting

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