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Diane Dunn The Essence of Expressions

Artist directory :: Diane Dunn The Essence of Expressions

Fun, colorful, whimsical art that really speaks to the heart of a person.

Diane Dunn The Essence of Expressions


Diane Dunn 
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I come from a family who are talented in the arts. I had the privilege of watching my mother and brother paint while my older sister danced, worked with pottery, and sketched. During my years in school I yearned to take an art class. I had the desire but the opportunity didn't present itself. I finished school and joined the Army in 1981. I got out of the Army in 1988 and by that time, I was married with two boys. In 1990 I moved to North Carolina in search of my destiny. By 1991 I had another son and was employed full-time in a meat processing plant. 1993 marked a significant change in my life as an accident on the job, caused me to lose a total of a joint and a half of the fingers on my right hand. I used my left...


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Po Box 184
Monroe, NC 28110
United States


Prints Simple, ethnic, colorful art, and thought provoking, inspirational, children
Originals Exclusive Afro American Paintings. Children and family friendly.
Matted Prints Black matted prints are 16 x 20 inch mat with a 11 x 14 inch print.
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