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Insurance/Auto body Christmas

These are very popular with Insurance stores, but may be used for auto body shops etc.


Annette Roach 
Have been designing and creating all types of art projects for over 30 years e.g.: holiday window painting, interior and exterior murals, menu boards, canvas art, antiquing furniture, sandwich boards and chalk boards, interior design, home renovations. Having so much fun doing what I love, looking forward to new challenges so if you have a unique project and not sure where to turn, give me a call I'm confident we can create something spectacular for you. Thank you for your interest.


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Fraser Valley, Campbell River, Kelowna
Fraser Valley, BC


Snowflake sponges DIY Snowflake sponges for window painting. These are great for professionals and amateurs a like. They can be used on the interior or exterior of windows.
DIY window painting stencils As easy as coloring in a coloring book! Even a child can do it! Watch the video below to see how easily it's done! Create beautiful window paintings in your own home or business. With these water proof reusable clear plastic stencils, you can paint with your own colors or you can choose to copy the colors on the color photo. These stencils come with easy to follow instructions.
Christmas window art We have many different themes for Christmas and other holidays to choose from for all types of businesses, if you can't find what you are looking for here we would be happy to customize a design for your business.
Valentine's windows Valentine windows are a great way to cheer things up all the red &white look great on windows
Spring windows I hope everyone is staying safe, we are gearing up for a busy spring season. Our clients are telling us with all the doom and gloom out there, that they want to cheer things up for spring. So we have designed some new spring themes, with cherry blossoms, birch trees, butterflies, birds and squirrels.
New designs 2021  Every year we add new designs, if there is anything you would like to see added please contact us, we would love to hear your ideas.
New designs for 2019 Every year we add new designs to keep things fresh and interesting, we also create custom pieces for those of you who want something of your very own. We can also change things around to suit your business, i.e. have the character holding a wrench,donut etc.
Beauty Salons Christmas  These were designed just for beauty salons
Garlands & Wreaths Christmas Popular as an addition to picture paintings, or they look nice on their own. The wreaths look great on doors or small windows, with or without a greeting under or over them.
Greetings Christmas Lots of different Christmas greetings to choose from.
Houses/Real-state Christmas These are very popular with realty businesses, although some use them just because they are so pretty. We can put hanging signs on them with your business name on the sign.
Offices Christmas Popular with any type of office, lawyers, bookkeepers etc.
Pets/Animals Christmas Popular with animal lovers as well as any type of animal business. I.e. vets, animal hospitals, pet stores.
Specialty Christmas These are specialty designs that were made to order.
Sports Christmas Very popular with sporting good stores as well as anyone who like sports themes. I.e. sports bars etc.
White Scenes These are mostly all white scenes, sometimes with a splash of color. They are very elegant and pretty.
Winter Scenes These winters scenes are nice because they can be left up longer after Christmas.
Campbell River Christmas designs We now have a couple of new artists in the Campbell river area, these are their designs.
Go Canucks Go! play offs Get your Canucks Play offs window art now!
Fall & Halloween windows We can create a sunflower boarder or a whole pumpkin mural orr a scary vampire or headless horseman scene and anything in between.
Calgary stampede we will be in Calgary to paint stapede window paintings! 100 year anniversary!
Covid 19 windows During this difficult time we were asked to create many windows for different businesses. It was an honor to do so.
Berry festival ideas Berry Festival is coming this weekend! Here are some ideas for stores! We can create almost anything so if you want a character holding berries or pie, etc.
Summer/ Canada day/ BC Day Are you ready for the Summer???
Special occasion & promotional window art We will create all kinds of window art for your home or business, special occasions and promotions!
Murals-interior& exterior (container art) We create all type of murals, interior, exterior, fence, and container murals. We can paint a mural on almost any surface. Please contact for a free quote.
Canvas Paintings Made to order acrylic on canvas paintings, portraits, landscapes, your pets, etc. Order one of these prints or commission us to do an orginal of your own, tell us about the person it's for-send photos etc. and we will create something unique for that special someone.
Suitcase art/personalized luggage Art will travel....Handpainted designs on suitcases, make it easier to find your suitcase at the airport. These one of a kind designs make your suitcase standout from all the rest. Tell us what you like, and we will design something unique just for you.
Chalkboard Menu Art Chalkboard menu art is a great way to spice up your bar/restaurant, or man cave. It's also a wonderful addition to weddings for place cards welcome signs etc.
Glass art Here is a a bit of a twist on our window art.
Container art Container art or metal c-can art This art is almost like painting a car the prep-work is the same, but painting is a little more complicated because alot of the time they have to be painted outside instead of in aa nice clean paint booth.
Stained Concrete & Counter tops This is something new we just started doing, so our prices are reasonable right now. Please contact us for a price quote, or if you have any questions. These counter tops, floors &stairs are done in a special concrete, sealed and stained to look any way you want them. They are then coated in high , medium, or low gloss, or slip resistant epoxy.
Painted wooden things Do you have an old piece of furniture that you would like re painted/stained or a piece that you would like art work or antiquing on, what ever your ideas we will work with you to create something beautiful and unique!
Kitchen cabinets refurbished Want to redo your kitchen? We can make your dreams come true! Everything from refurbishing your cabinets to stained concrete floors and countertops. We can also give you handpainted back splashes. You will have a kitchen that is a unique work of art that no-one else will have.
Business logos, cards, flyers etc. We can design business logos, cards, flyers, menus etc. For something more creative contact us.


How to make swirling snowflakes
Use these wonderful sponges to make beautiful snowflakes on windows or arts and crafts

we are now going to be offering a variety of stencils for every season, so you can create beautiful windows in your home or business.

Cheer things up for spring
I hope everyone is staying safe, we are gearing up for a busy spring season. Our clients are telling us with all the doom and gloom out there, that they want to cheer things up for spring. So we have designed some new spring themes, with cherry blossoms, birch trees, butterflies, birds and squirrels. Please book early for March as we are filling up fast

Christmas movie
I had the privilege of creating a Christmas window painting for a movie that was shooting downtown Abbotsford,to be named Christmas on a Vine.

Covid 19, trying times for us all
We realize these times are difficult for all of us, so we are offering discounts on many of our services. please contact for a free quote.

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