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Dawn McLaughlin

Artist directory :: Dawn McLaughlin

Fine art, sculpture, collage, assemblage, mixed media, drawings, limited edition prints, Note cards, book art, abstracts, portraiture, figurative, mixed media art.

Dawn McLaughlin


Dawn McLaughlin 
"Art is nature seen through a temperament” (Emile Zola) I am a self taught multi-media/mixed media artist working in collage, assemblage, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Although often mixed-media obsessed, I have an abiding love of drawing, and it is through drawing that my personal expression best reveals itself. Charcoal, pastel, and graphite are my preferred mediums. Since I am particularly captivated by the power of the portrait to evoke and communicate the human condition, faces and figures are the primary focus of my work. ~Dawn McLaughlin


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New Jersey
United States


REMNANTS SERIES My second series of charcoal drawings based on old family photos. 2023
PRELUDE SERIES A series of charcoal drawings exploring the dividing line of my childhood from family photographs. 2022 To learn more about this series and my experience creating it, click on below link. My feature/interview is at 28:37 into video replay.
DIVIDED SELF Giclee Prints Giclee Prints (8x10/11x14 matted in plastic sleeve) $45 (shipping included). Please note: Divided Self: Concealed and Revealed (2019-2020) series originals not for sale.
DIVIDED SELF Post Cards 5x7 postcards with envelope in glassine sleeve. $7 Please note: Divided Self: Concealed and Revealed (2019-2020) series originals not for sale.
BOOK ART Hand-made and altered books.
MINI ABSTRACTS  Acrylic and mixed media mini abstract paintings. Mounted Abstracts: $50 (shipping included) Matted Abstracts: $40 (shipping included) Concertina Album Abstracts : see “Book Art” gallery
ORIGINAL NOTE CARDS Original Abstracts mounted on 5x7 watercolor note cards with envelopes in glassine sleeves.
WHITE ON BLACK INTUITIVE DRAWINGS w/ HAIKU Post Cards 5x7 Postcards with envelope in plastic sleeve. $7 (shipping included)
EXPRESSIVE INK DRAWINGS 8x10 India ink drawings
MIXED MEDIA  5x7’s Mixed media, with backing, in glassine sleeve.
COLLAGE 4 items
PRINTS and NOTE CARDS (early work) 5.5”x4” notecard w/envelope in glassine sleeve $6 5”x7” note card w/ envelope in glassine sleeve $8 8”x10” matted print in glassine sleeve $25 9”x12” matted print in glassine sleeve $30 11”x14” matted print in glassine sleeve $35 12”x16” matted print in glassine sleeve $40 16”x20” matted print in glassine sleeve $45 18”x24” matted print in glassine sleeve $50 Please contact me for availability.
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