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SouthHouse Studio: the art and writing of...

Artist directory :: SouthHouse Studio: the art and writing of Barbara Rizza...

Capturing the beauty of the extrodinary and the everyday in art and literature. Painting, printmaking, poetry. Writing about the arts and travel.

 SouthHouse Studio: the art  and writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin


Barbara Rizza Mellin 
Philosophy/Statement : "The diverse cultures of the world have always been my inspiration. I believe it is important to know our world—the whole world— and the people in it. By experiencing other places and customs, we put our own life into context and gain a deeper appreciation of all lives. I believe travel makes history and art, literature and architecture real. It helps us see the beauty of everyday life everywhere. As we appreciate cultural differences, we also learn that basically all people, everywhere are the same." Education/Experience : Barbara earned a graduate degree in Art History from Harvard University, where she was awarded the Crite Prize in the Humanities for her research thesis on the American artist/illustrator Frank Vincent du Mond....


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North Carolina
United States


12 Displays of Customs  12 Drummers Drumming, 11 Pipers Piping, 10 Lords a Leaping, 9 Ladies Dancing, 8 Maids a Quilting, 7 Looms a Weaving, 6 Strings a Playing, 5 "Olden" Rings, 4 Calling Songs, 3 Friends Fans, 2 Tango Loves and a Patch to Repair our Pottery (Kintsugi). Sign up for the Blog to receive more information about each image. If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a images (matted and framed size 16x20), please use the contact link to send a message. All images at $350.
MEZZOTINT The Mezzotint process of printmaking was invented in the mid-17th century, and has pretty much gone out of favor with most printmakers because it is so labor- intensive and time-consuming. However, the rich, velveting blacks that can be produced are, I believe, worth the effort. Furthermore, it may be time for mezzotints to make a comeback, since this is an intaglio process like etching, but requires no toxic solutions or hazardous materials.
Relief Prints Lino-cuts and Woodblock print (All art work is shipped matted with no frame. Sizes are approximate. S/H extra.)
Lunaria Carborundum Mezzotints with Haikus
Freewheelin' Series: Print-based Photo Collages The Freewheelin' series was on display in the Executive Lounge, Main Terminal, PTI Airport, Greensboro,NC. 2018-20 Part of the series was also exhibited at Alamance Art Center, Yadkin Art Center and Artworks Gallery, Winston-Salem. (All square 20x20" Freewheelin' art works are shipped with no frame.
Paintings/Still Lifes * Indicates art available for shipping. All paintings are shipped unframed. Collector (buyer) pays packing/shipping costs. Contact me about other works if interested.
People and Places * Indicates art available for shipping. All paintings are shipped unframed. Collector (buyer) pays packing/shipping costs. Contact me about other works if interested. All paintings are oil unless otherwise identified.
Chinese Brush Painting (All art work is shipped with no frame. Sizes are approximate.) Works on paper: Asian brush paintings, drawings, sketches , pen &ink I am thrilled and honored to have one of my brush paintings chosen for the Arts Council's ArtPop award. The painting "Peony" appeared on a billboard in in Davidson, Davie, Surry, Yadkin, Forsyth or Stokes counties, NC durimg 2017-18.
Artfolios/ Brush Painting The art work included here is available only through


7 Looms a Weaving: Kuba Cloth
Country/ People: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Bantu-speaking people (Central Africa) Loom: single heddle loom Border: sample weave

10 Lords a Leaping: Hungarian folk dancer
People/Country: Hungary Dance: Matyo Casrdas, a Traditional folk dance, attired in Matyo*embroidery Border: Zsolnay roof tiles,, Romani (Gypsy) wheel, Halas lace*, Cube House painted (Magyar Kucka)

7 Looms a Weaving: Hill Tribe: Kayan or Karen
Country/ People: Thailand. Padaung/ Kayan Loom: Backstrap Border: Sample weave

11 Pipers Piping: Laos Khene player
People/Country: Laos (Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic) Instrument:/ (Figure) Khene* ( bamboo mouth organ, metal reed) Border/Corners: Night Market book, Baci ceremony, Hmong applique, Caged bird, Day Market, Luang Prabang* temple mosaic

Tang Dynasty Dancer
Country/People: Chinese (Tang dynasty) Dance: Palace White Linen Dance Border Porcelain ceramic pattern, T’ao Ti’eh corners

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