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Barry J. Bellovin

Artist directory :: Barry J. Bellovin

Most of my photographs are taken in and around New York City, including street photography, buildings, and nature. (Yes, there is nature in NYC). When my travels take me elsewhere, I try to capture urban and natural landscapes from around the world.

Barry J. Bellovin


Catskills Foliage Just got back from a brief trip to the Catskills..Foliage wasn't quite peak, but quite beautiful nevertheless.
At The Zoo From a recent trip to the Bronx Zoo
March For Our Lives I would have preferred not to have this many opportunities to photograph demonstrations over the past 14 months, but here we go again... The first photo in the group marks my debut as a photojournalist, published at
Minnesota Winter Now that the New York winter is finally coming to an end, time to post some winter pictures from Minnesota
The Netherlands Just back from 8 days in Holland, visiting Keukenhof, Edam, Haarlem, Delft, The Hague, Leyden, and Arnhem. Lots of tulips, canals, windmills, and bicycles.
Fire Island The cover photo, "Fire Island Bird" was a finalist in the Camelback Art Gallery "Birds in the Wild" online photography competition.
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