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Artist directory :: CY CREATIONS

I have been creating pieces involving glass for over 20 years. My specialty is unique custom hand painted glassware, but I also do mosaics and copper foil stained glass



Cheryl Ward 
Art should be enjoyed every day, which is why I make useful and affordable Art. I‘ve been doing stained glass, mosaic, and painted glass for over 30 years. Currently my art pieces are enjoyed in over 25 states and 6 countries, including Colorado, New Mexico, California, Florida, and Europe! Possibilities are endless: painted drinking glasses, tincture vials and bottles, vases, containers, cups, candle holders and plates, as well as personalized Champagne flutes for weddings and other special occasions, farewell gifts, picture frames, clan badges, baby’s first ornaments, names in crystals, logos. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and hand painted with love. If you are looking for personal, unique and affordable Art, take a look and “CY”!...


Painted I love painting on glass, coffee cups, plates, wine glasses canisters, shot glasses.. anything to brighten our day or personalize our lives with usable art.
Window Hangers Hand Painted Glass Window hangers
Coffee Cups 21 items
Containers For all your spices and herbs!
Shot Glasses 5 items
Signs 2 items
Wine Glasses 9 items
Vials and Bottles For Essential Oils, Perfume and Tinctures
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