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Dorrellart, The Paintings of David Dorrell

Artist directory :: Dorrellart, The Paintings of David Dorrell

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Dorrellart, The Paintings of David Dorrell


David Dorrell 
David Dorrell has about 50 years experience in painting. He and his lovely wife Diane are lifelong residents of New Jersey. David Dorrell, Artist Résumé David Dorrell began painting in oils at age 11 under the instruction of his grandfather, Ernest Dorrell (a graduate of the Philadelphia Academy of Art). He continued painting through high school still learning all he could from his grandfather. After graduating high school, Dorrell majored in fine art at Glassboro State College (now Rowand University) in Glassboro, NJ, for one year, then attended Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA, for two years. Switched to acrylic painting during his years at Hussian School of Art. Currently Mr Dorrell has approximately 50 years of experience in...


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South, NJ
United States


Acrylic Paintings Several scenes from Alaska, Mendenhall Glacier, Ketchican, and Glacier Bay. Other works from Outer Banks, and other scenic areas To purchase prints visit link below.
Set Design Here are a few shots of my work as a set designer. Much of the painting was carried out by High School students with my direction.
Planet Paintings These were done a few years ago. All of these were done in acrylics on 36" x 36" stretched gallery wrapped canvas.
Watercolors Watercolor art
The Painting Details Look here for the typical details, materials information, descriptions of Gallery Wrap, Signatures, My numbering System, special details, etc.


My Philosophy: the Search for Sufficiency
I have come to this thought: All of life is an either incognizant or cognizant state of searching to find and or maintain sufficiency. - David Dorrell, 2010 Sufficiency is not contentment (although it may be), it is not happiness (although it may be), it may be the search for the strength to get through the day, the night, or a death (even your own). Life is the search for sufficiency.

Working on some new paintings
I've been working lately on a new series of snow scene landscapes. These are a gradual approach to bring color in to play with psychological design of the drawing. I hope to place a few photos of the work on the site soon.

Set designs for Anything Goes
I've been busy designing sets for Anything Goes . It takes place on a cruise ship.

HDR photos, sort of.
I've been searching for other high contrast photos and noticed that HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos produce a similar effect to my manipulated digital photos. I'm planning to produce some 11x17 posters of the photos and may put some up for sale soon.

Another new manipulated photo on my site
I've placed another photo up on my site. I'm really getting into doing these. It takes me hours sometimes to achieve the effects you see in the finished artworks.

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