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Flower Sculptures

Artist directory :: Flower Sculptures

Flower Sculptures are hand-sculpted from sturdy 140 lb. watercolor paper and painted with acrylic pigments then sprayed with a sealant...the end result is a realistic, sturdy and long lasting reproduction of the actual flower! Unique wearable art.

 Flower Sculptures


Kathleen Horner 
FLOWER SCULPTURES I began as a watercolor artist in 1980 and continued through the years experimenting with various art forms until my love of flowers and my concern for the environment gave existence to Flower Sculptures in 1995. Flower Sculptures are a beautiful collection of some 40 species of wildflowers and garden flower pins, earrings and hair accessories hand-sculpted from 140 lb. watercolor paper and then carefully hand-painted using acrylic paint then coated with a water proof sealant. My goal for each piece is to capture a realistic rendering of the actual flower. I believe that in spite of serious environmental injury, the earth still “laughs in flowers”, and that flowers are here to remind us of the immense diversity and sustainability of...


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South Carolina
United States


Flower Sculptures Y ou may also browse my Flower Sculptures gallery and pick out a beautiful flower pin for gifts or simply to add colorful pizazz to your wardrobe! Flower Sculptures are a zesty and elegant collection of wildflowers and garden flower pins. Each piece is hand-sculpted out of acid-free 140 lb. watercolor paper and painted with acrylic pigments and then sealed with a matte-/gloss varnish for long-wearing protection.
Flower Sculptures Fall and Holiday Collection A beautiful and colorful showcase of Fall and Holiday leaves and flowers available in pins and hair clips. There are numerous, creative ways to wear Flower Sculptures pins! Available in wholesale at $9.50 each. Please go to "Flower Sculptures Wholesale Purchase Gallery" for detailed wholesale information and requirements.
Flower Sculptures "True to Life Sculptures" showcase A beautiful showcase to demonstrate the dazzling realism of Flower Sculptures. 
Flower Sculptures Spring Posy Pins and Hair Clips Unique and colorful posy pins available for your springtime wardrobe. Take your pick of Daffodils, Narcissus, Violets, Azaleas, Gardenia, Roses, Jessamine, Apple Blossoms. 2 1/2" in diameter.
Flower Sculptures State Flowers Showcasing Flower Sculptures state flowers with history text printed on back.  Many more state flowers with history text printed on back of display card available: Camellia:  Alabama New York: Rose Louisiana: Magnolia Georgia:   Cherokee Rose New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois:  Purple Violet South Carolina:  Jessamine Virginia, North Carolina:  Dogwood West Virginia:  Rhododendron Washington:  Coast Rhododendron Wisconsin:  Wood Violet Maryland:  Black-Eyed Susan
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