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Geckotui Gallery - Contemporary NZ Artist Carol...

Artist directory :: Geckotui Gallery - Contemporary NZ Artist Carol Skinner

Abstract form , mixed media, pastel, marker pens,collage elements

Silhouette of a Soul


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Geckotui Gallery  
I live in Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand near the Northern Wairoa River. I came to art later in life after a visit to my artist nephews studio in Victoria, Australia had me drooling at all the colors, salivating at the paints and pastels and I was itching to get my hands on all his art materials. As I got stuck in and sploshed paint, pastel and oil crayons across the paper I was hooked and haven't stopped since, inspired by my surroundings and experimentation. I couldn't put down the materials and returned from Australia with my suitcase full of paintings. Inspired by this trip I studied with The Learning Connexion in Wellington and graduated with honours and I haven'nt stopped since. My passion is for conveying emotion - I enjoy...


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Northland 0573
New Zealand


Collage  A selection of art prints from original collages by the artist This gallery to be posted soon
Visual Diaries  Some sketches, collages and colour mixes from my working diaries
Photographs Original Photographs by the Artist inspired by the world around, nature, rural New Zealand, macro shots of unusual and funky items that I happen on in everyday life
Drawings  Selection of drawings in charcoal, pencil, pastel
Digital Images  A Selection of Photographs edited with Photoshop


"S@#%t faced colleague - we all know one !

Create your own reality with a Paintbrush - in drag if you wish
Tips &Techniques using art and affirmations to achieve your ideal life &change your reality through art to create the life you want to lead. Imagine if you could erase all the negative stuff with one swipe - well you can ! Don't like something ? Scrub it out. Not what you want ? Redesign it.

The earlier chicken man photos
As promised here is the earlier sculpture with the first paper covering there were two more layers on before this one covering the chicken wire base.

What is the mystery sculpture ?
OK - well, here he is ! Finally, the finished version - after several transitions from harlequin, aborigine on a corroborri - he turned out to be a Commando ! Painting him up in camoflage colours was almost worth all the initial drama of a major battle with constantly snarling chicken wire &being stuck to the workbench with paper mache. I undercoated the sculpture in multicolours and the finishing touch has a touch of gold mixed in with the camoflage colour.

The chicken wire sculpture !!!!
Recently I've been doing a chicken wire sculpture of a person in motion - haaaaahhhhhh If you think this was easy, forget it ! I have been doing this since the beginning of time I reckon I thought it'd be a piece of cake just sketch it out, cut out the chicken wire, cover it with paper mache and zip it over with some paint to my taste..

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