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G S Darrah,BACKLIT WINDOW ART, fantasy...

Artist directory :: G S Darrah,BACKLIT WINDOW ART, fantasy art,science fiction...

The Best of OVER 30 years of digital art,over 400 of My Best images for sale to be used anyway you like,

G S Darrah,BACKLIT WINDOW ART, fantasy art,science fiction art,


Gary S Darrah 
G S DARRAH I have been involved with art for a long, long time. It seems I'm always working on a project. Currently I'm working on a piano that plays in the wind. Also I'm building a light show in my picture window that will use sunlight. I also have made hand painted projector slides. I still have some of the best of them from back in the day. I used to rent them out to night clubs and for private parties. It helped me through some pretty hard times. I recently made kalidescopic movies using broken glass of many colors, floating in oil. I filmed it all through front surfaced mirrors that I made myself from rear projection TV parts.i am remaking those with a better camera I have a lot of images that i have been working on since...


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Pacific Beach, WA 98571
United States


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im still here waiting to b discovered
im 73 now but im not giving up moving to the coast and making wind driven things

My wonderfull Family

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