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Paintings by Gay Seydlitz

Artist directory :: Paintings by Gay Seydlitz

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Gay Seydlitz 
The process of creating art provides a means with which I can express from within what I care about, identify with and appreciate. My paintings range from images that are simple and common subjects to abstract expressions of the spirit. And I paint more of what I feel, then what I see. I have found the best way for me to create is not to go in with the intention to paint a specific image. What works for me is to let go of expectations, get my mind out of the way, in order to the let art come forth. I start my process by adding texture, either physical or visual texture, and abstract colors to a surface. By observing, turning it and adding color and shapes I watch and allow the image to reveal it self to me. I delight in the way the abstract texture...


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Tonasket, WA 98855
United States


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