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Artist directory :: ELENA BOND

Modern Surrealism Art Gallery. Surrealistic images of "dream like" reality, digital surrealism in Mixed MEDIA art forms.Creative Ukrainian Female Artist in California, shares her unique one-of-a-kind art work.



Elena Bond  
Creating art is the key to my life. Creating art allows me to express my inner vision. Images flow from my imagination and come alive on canvas. There comes a time in life when words are not enough to express the astonishment one has before the Ultimate Beauty that has been created by God. A time when a person needs to exceed the borders of words, a time when paintings can do more justice to this immense, wonderful feeling. ART is a reflection of our reality. Magic touch of inspiration. Unique curves, smooth ends… some strokes - few words, one world interconnected with another... leading to an inner satisfaction. My work is a perpetual beginning. When I start painting I have no idea how the painting will end. Each piece is the result of an...


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San Francisco, CA
United States


Butterfly Dreams  If I could be a butterfly I’d fly up to the sky I’d only live for several days But I’ll enjoy it in so many ways ...
Bottling up... She bottled up her emotions at some point... She also comes from a good family and has a great career going for her.
Spinoza Emotions Spinoza admits that all emotions may not necessarily conflict with reason. Emotions which agree with reason may cause pleasure, while emotions which do not agree with reason may cause pain.
Modifications   Modern Surrealism or Reflection of Human Emotions
Through the Eyes of a Child  “Every time a child says 'I don't believe in fairies,' there's a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead.”-Peter Pan
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