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Jennie Lea Knight Scuptures

Artist directory :: Jennie Lea Knight Scuptures

A catalog of Jennie Lea Knight's sculptures.

Jennie Lea Knight Scuptures


Jennie Lea Knight 
Jennie Lea Knight (1933 - 2007) Jennie Lea Knight was born in Washington, D.C., where she received her art training. She began her studies in design and music at the King-Smith School of Creative Arts and in 1951 graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Arts, where she studied painting with Ken Noland. She attended American University, studying with Robert Gates and William Calfee, and later became an instructor there. She was an instructor and lecturer at the Corcoran School, the Art League School and George Mason University. During the early 1950s Knight became increasingly interested in three-dimensional media, and by 1964 was concentrating entirely on sculpture. In 1956, she co-founded Studio Gallery on King Street in Alexandria. She...


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