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Artwork by Maggie Grier

Artist directory :: Artwork by Maggie Grier

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Artwork by Maggie Grier


Margaret Grier 
Listen to an Interview Maggie Grier is a self-taught painter living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. Her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering was received from University of Alabama, Birmingham. Subsequent to that she spent many years painting for her own enjoyment and selling her work through local shops and decorators while working in engineering, designing hydraulic power units and valve systems. In 2005 she determined that painting should be her life’s work. She travels the country doing art fairs and festivals and is represented by Gallery 1930 in Birmingham, Harllee Gallery in Highlands, NC, Richard Stravitz Gallery in VA Beach, T Clifton Gallery in Memphis, MarketPlace Interiors in Nashville and Tampa. Listen to a radio interview


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Birmingham, AL 35210
United States


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