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Marilyn Milsop's Art Gallery

Artist directory :: Marilyn Milsop's Art Gallery

Representation art that eveyone can enjoy in Acrylic, Pastel, and Watercolor.

Marilyn Milsop's Art Gallery


Marilyn P Milsop 
I've been painting off and on since I was little, but school and career had a way of interfering until I retired several years ago. I've studied with several teachers - most recently Luciana Heineman. Lucy has been teacher, mentor, and friend for a number of years teaching me how to see as well as how to paint. I do representational painting in three media - acrylics, pastels, and watercolor. When asked which medium I like best, I reply "the one in which I'm currently working". My subjects are flowers, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, pets, and people. I love to paint almost any subject, and I consider painting to be the most fun thing to do all by myself.


Flowers 18 items
Birds Scenes and protraits featuring land and water birds
Wildlife 9 items
Landscapes 20 items
Pets Dogs, cats, and horses that their human guardians love.
Still Lifes 3 items
People 6 items
Christmas Cards A display of many of the Christmas I've painted and sent over a number of years.
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