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Melvin Wallace Clark

Artist directory :: Melvin Wallace Clark

I am an Artist. I work in oil paints and other paint mediums. I also have produced hand pulled limited edition prints. Music is often a motif in my creative work.

Melvin Wallace Clark


Melvin Wallace Clark 
I became a serious artist later in my adult life. During my early schooling, I was often deterred from pursuing a career as a professional artist. I was warned that becoming an artist would not profit financially. My earliest art training took place in Detroit,Michigan. I took advantage of many free neighborhood art programs available at that time before winning a scholarship to art school. In 1986, I moved to New York City where I continued my formal Arts education at Bob Blackburn's Printmakers Workshop of New York. While in New York, I saw and heard all of the living legends of Jazz Music. Music is a major motif in my art work. As a student, I was moved by the works of the Impressionist, Expressionist, Surrealist, Futurist, Cubist, the Mexican Muralist...


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East Stroudsburg, PA 18302
United States


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