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Artist directory :: MIKE_SCHONEBAUM

The Official website of Artist Mike Schonebaum



What we do as artists is pretty nominal. We are not at the edge where intelligence is created. One can get a lot more information from reading an article rather than viewing art, if one is interested in pure data. What we do as artists is art. We create a sort of poetry with information. Making art is a way to reflect on and interact with the world. A fountain of youth. It’s important that everyone involved has a good time. Looking at an idea in different ways is crucial. Shifting perspective, materializing the theoretical, and exploring complex ideas though humor, simplicity, and clever delivery is what I find compelling. Humor is a great vehicle for truth. What’s interesting about ‘contemporary conceptual art’ and ‘new media’ is the inherent...


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2013 5 items
2011/2012 18 items
FIFTY STARS (2010) This show is dedicated to America, the most interesting person I've ever met and at the same time, biggest asshole I know. I want to capture my relationship with this place we all call home; I’m giving the word 'patriot' an honest and genuine meaning…it’s a reflection of my America, my home.
Abstract Paintings (2005-2008)  These works reflect honesty and a relationship to material through playful ambiguity. Imagine a personal vocabulary of mark making, found shape, and the exploration of color chemistry colliding to create a gorgeous train wreck, predetermined and orchestrated by the hand of a mad scientist. A paradoxical game of tug-of-war is played between the conscious and unconscious where neither truly wants to win.
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