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Orenfique Designs..wearable art.

Artist directory :: Orenfique Designs..wearable art.

Wearable art created for the women with unlimited style. Original designs, not seen anywhere else. All natural stones, accented in silver, and set in creativity.

Orenfique Designs..wearable art.


Connie Stephens 
I'm Connie Stephens, minister, artist, designer, and educator. I heard a calling, and I answered.....little did I know that God would use me greatly through my art. A graduate of Northwestern State University, a minister of the gospel, art teacher, jewelry instructor- yes God did that for me. My paintings stretch from Louisiana to California. From there art/jewelry designing have become a major part of my minisrty. Reflecting back on my life, I can now reach others through art, and help them find peace in God-now thats my inspiration.


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6000 w70th st. Apt 206
Shreveport, LA 71129
United States


Artwork 6 items
Forever Orentha One of a kind jewelry designs dedicated to the late Orentha Davis Helaire


So many reasons to be thankful.
As I look back over the years as to where this business has come from, it is truly amazing what God has done. I am truly thankful for every idea inspired the Holy Spirit . Every life that has been blessed my jewelry, and every smile from the excitement of buying one of my statement is truly something to be thankful for. All praises belong to God!

I'm thankful.......
For all the marvelous things things that God has done for me, I am thankful. Like a peacock that spreads his beautiful feathers, and the colors are so wide spread and seen, I'm thankful. For every trial, both passed and failed, Lord I'm thankful.

A new look.......
Spring is here!!!!! Time to start afresh. New styles are emerging everywhere. I have found a great love for the color orange this spring.

Reaching out.....
The door has been opened for Orenfiquedesigns to reach area youth in both art, and jewelry designing. This is a great chance to teach, create, and educate in the area of creative art. There are no limits to what a child can pull out of his head, and call art.

It's a new Day.....
Closing old chapters, opening new ones. A dramatic new turn has come my way in the world of creativity. God has allowed so many new things to come my way, and He has opened many doors.

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