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Remmi Franklin Artist

Artist directory :: Remmi Franklin Artist

Artist doing abstract and aerial paintings any size I am inclined to do or commissioned requests. Giclee's of the aerials are available in custom sizes.

Remmi Franklin Artist


Remmi Franklin 
I was at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) when I began experimenting with creating images that played one color against another. I am fascinated by the way the human eye is trained by nature to see in a certain manner; we perceive familiar shapes and colors and are almost programmed to accept a certain view. Using contrasting plays of color and shape, I have sought to challenge those expectations and to induce the viewer to stretch their perceptions. B.F.A. from Maryland Institute, College of Art School of the Museum of Fine Art I had an amazing experience September, 2012 at an Vermont Studio Center residency.


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Boston, MA 02186
United States


Artwork 13 items


Time Flies
Well, been busy with a show in Bedford, MA and one starting in November at the library in Marion, MA. Also I am trying to expand my areas of aerials. Any suggestions?

New adventure.
I left my job ....

Yea! Vermont here I come
plan to keep day to day in Sept.

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