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Artist directory :: Renaissancegalart

New Orleans Artist and Graphic Designer, the color artist, Blues Art



Rebecca Edwards Manshel 
Studied art in the Misissippi Delta, Many times I have driven to shotgun shacks and listened to jam sessions for the great blues musicians in the Delta region.. they play for the love of music the way I paint for the love of Art I have been inspired by painting in Jackson Square in New Orleans, Oils, Acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels, Diamond dust art. I studied art in St Augustine Florida with famed artist Emmet Fritz, Fritz had studied with Norman Rockwell and also taught Monet’s Grand Niece to paint. I think I was influenced by religious icons and enjoy a non distinct style. I move from Landscapes to cityscapes, portraits, animals, florals and New Orleans and Southern scenes as well as seascapes and birds. I write Southern Short stories and...


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New Orleans, LA 70124
United States


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