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Art Renditions Gallery ~ Artist Ren Daniels

Artist directory :: Art Renditions Gallery ~ Artist Ren Daniels

3D Mask

My 3 D mask are embellished with beads in an effort to increase your interest and desire to wear your mask. I my intentions is to lift your spirit, motivate you to stay safe and spread joy!


Ren Daniels 
Artist ~ Ren Daniels As a native Louisiana born, artist who from a very early age I explored my creativity. I spent many of my early years on a ladder drawing on my school’s blackboards, windows and walls. Creative endeavors are my life’s comforts. As a now retired Realtor living in San Diego Ca. I utilize my time drawing, painting, listening to music, dancing, cooking, sewing and enjoying my newest venture, learning to play the piano. There is not enough time in any given day to fulfill my joy of creating. In 1995 after raising 3 children ( all whom became artist by profession) I decided to begin studying the medium I remembered to be the most exciting, Watercolor! After eight years of instructions, workshops and classes with many well-known...


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Artist: Ren Daniels
San Diego, CA 92128
United States


Still Life & Flowers A collection of original oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings,
Portraits Watercolor paintings of some of my most favorite people and animals.
Landscapes  Watercolor and acrylic, original paintings of some of my favorite landscapes and locations.
Ren's Fine Art & Secret Recipes My Art/Cookbook represent some of my art, favorite quotations, ideas, lifestyle and 21 of my most delicious Louisiana recipes. Special offer : Taxes and and shipping included in quoted price for a limited time.
Artisan Water Carafe My Artisian Water Carafe are all original hand painted and signed wine bottles. No two are alike. Accent colors are Silver, Gold or Copper.
Renditions Goddess Collection Hip scarfs and accessories designed by Ren for use in Belly Dancing, Latin Dancing, Zumba, accessorizing jeans, tights, skirts or pants. Also as bathing suit covers. Some of the designs can also be worn as a mini skirt.
Artisian Signs ~ I Hope you Dance Series In my sign gallery I'm using my paintings as backgrounds. I've always been inspired by quotations and beautiful words of inspiration.


An Enchanted Kitty
First place winner at Off the Track Gallery in Encinitas CA. 18X24 Watercolor painting

Bernardo Winery 37th Annual Fall Fair October 18th & 19th 2014
Arts & Crafts Fair This Week end Saturday 10: am until 5: pm and Sunday. 10 until 4 pm. Wine Tasting , Food Court, Live Music & Entertainment. Free Admission, Parking and Shuttle

Goddess Collection - Update
The names of some of my hip scarfs have been changed. Reason being recently I realized two of my designs had names implying a negative political connection. Thus the reason for the name changes. I name my scarfs after goddesses to compliment the designs. My scarfs are strictly for fun, light heartiness and feminine enhancement.

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration Cooking Class~March 4, 2014
Cafe Merlot located in Bernardo Winery Vineyard will be hosting a Mardi Gras, Louisiana style cooking class on March 4th 2014 from 5:30 until 8:30 p.m. The class will be featuring some of the recipes from my Art/Cookbook. The class is a hands on cooking class and includes food and wine. Admission is $60 per person and reservations are required.

I hope you all saved the day. October 19 ande 20th. This is a very special event that Bernardo Winery host every year. I will be one of the artisans. Everything you see will be hand crafted by the artist. I will have a private table in back of my tent. you are welcome to stop and visit or enjoy your lunch from one of the vendor at the international food garden (if my table is available at the time) ! Hope to see your all.

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