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Ria DeBiase: Instructor/Performer

Artist directory :: Ria DeBiase: Instructor/Performer

Promoting the historic dances of lindy hop, charleston, blues, balboa and other swing and vernacular jazz dances through instruction and performance, from beginner to advanced, in a fun and accesible way.

Ria DeBiase: Instructor/Performer


Ria DeBiase 
Ria DeBiase Ria DeBiase, hailing from Sacramento, has been dancing and teaching Lindy Hop for over ten years, both in the USA and worldwide. She has also studied Historical Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics, and Hip Hop. Her dancing style is energetic and musical, passionate and playful. Ria has been competing and performing since 1998. In Spring/Summer of 2003, Ria toured Canada and the USA with the Harlem Hot Shots. Over the last couple years alone, she has won competitions at the US Open, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, National Jitterbug Championships, and the World Lindy Hop Championships. Despite a healthy competitive attitude, Ria loves lindy hop in its natural habitat, the social dance floor. "A great teacher is one who realizes that he himself...


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Davis, CA
United States


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