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Iconic Italian Images

Artist directory :: Iconic Italian Images

'' People linger in a space where there is more detail. --People are oriented toward mystery." Xue Yu, Sensory Study in Restaurant Interiors

Iconic Italian Images


Sanford Sherman Photography 
My Venice scenes came out much better than I ever hoped. I kept saying to myself before going on this photography trip during November, 2017: How can I possibly differentiate my Venice photos from the multiple millions of pictures taken of Venice everyday?" What kind of work ethic must be achieved in order to do this?." My photographs of Venice and Italy have minimal or no photoshop corrections. This is because I was initiated to photography when slides were used. Slides could not be corrected very easily so the selected pictures had to be perfect. This was good training for me. I think using Leica cameras and lenses were also major factors in achieving a satisfactory result. Here is a favorite Venice Nights shot. Prints can be made up to 60 inches...


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Vista, CA 92084
United States


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