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Sylvia Van Nooten: Mixed Media Art

Artist directory :: Sylvia Van Nooten: Mixed Media Art

Collages, 2023 to 2024

These are larger collages, mostly 22 by 28 inches. Most will be available at my print store in the next few weeks.


Sylvia Van Nooten  
Sylvia Van Nooten is an artist and a writer living in western Colorado. She grew up in Berkeley before relocating to Milan, Italy, at the age of thirty. She lived in Italy for ten years. While there, she taught English as a foreign language. She also wrote a novel and numerous short stories. It was there she found her passion for creating visual art. Her more recent work has appeared in The South Florida Poetry Journal , Experiment-O , The Raw Art Review , Women Asemic Artists, Strangers &Karma and the cover of The Naugatuck River Review, winter/spring edition, 2024.


Watercolor Paintings I use liquid watercolors and ink for intense color.


Starting Over
I’ve created over a thousand pieces of art at this point and many people are encouraging me to put myself out there and promote myself. This is not a comfortable thing for me but I will try. Today I begin by updating this webpage with new art and the publications I’ve been honored to be included in.

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