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Teddy Schmedeke Lee

Artist directory :: Teddy Schmedeke Lee

Teddy is a fine artist whose family and life is surrounded in creativity. She is an adjunct professor at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver.

Teddy Schmedeke Lee


Teddy Schmedeke Lee 
"Somehow I knew when I was twelve that all I ever wanted to do was draw and paint people. I've been doing it ever since, and it never ceases to amaze me." -Teddy Schmedeke Lee Teddy is a Colorado native who grew up in a very creative family. Her mother is an accomplished animal and landscape artist. Her brothers and husband are accomplished musicians. She was fortunate to study under egg-tempra, master artist Mark Thompson for three years in high school, and Jim Valone, John Lencicki, among other master painting professors at the Rocky Mountain School of Art in the seventies and early nineteen-eighties. She received her BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art &Design. Trained by Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design's renowned founder, Phillip J....


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