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Terry Durell Art

Artist directory :: Terry Durell Art


Terry Durell 
My work is about my love for and connection to the natural world. I am greatly inspired by the world we live in –the forests, wetlands, mountains, rivers and ponds, the ocean, and all the rich organic life that populates these places. I am devoted to the essence and beauty of these natural forms, and they give my work energy. In my botanical studies I work mostly from live flowers and leaves in my garden and the surrounding forest. I wait for the right moment in the season, then I pick the bloom or leaf, hurry to my studio, and begin drawing. Often I also take some photos at that time to use as a reference later. I work slowly from several successive blooms or subjects, and usually don't finish the work in one season. Many of my botanicals have taken...


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Landscapes and Other Subjects This gallery displays a general body of my artwork, mostly landscapes. These paintings describe the various landscapes around my home in Groton and in other locations in New England.
Moon Paintings This gallery is primarily devoted to paintings of the moon in all its manifestations, moods and beauty.
Botanical and Nature Studies These are paintings of my botanical subjects: flowers and leaves, fruits, etc., rendered in watercolor or colored pencil. This gallery also includes my shell paintings and nature studies in like media.
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