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William Char's Portrait and Figurative Art

Artist directory :: William Char's Portrait and Figurative Art

Collection of portraits, figurative art, thoughts and resources from William Char

William Char's Portrait and Figurative Art


William Char 
As far as I can remember when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I've always answered an artist. I attended the High School of Music and Art in New York where I loved studying art in a creative environment full of talented students. However, In college I decided to study computer science to be more practical. After working in the software industry for 20 years and trying to find a work life balance, I've decided to pursue my passion again. I studied at the Art Students League of Denver under Mitch Caster for over two years and now draws regularly with a group of talented artists. As a teen I traveled all over the country working in state fairs during the summer. On my breaks I've always hung around the portrait artists as they drew...


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Lakewood, CO
United States


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Scott Waddell Videos
I haven't blogged for awhile. As you can tell from my posts, my focus has changed from drawing to painting. This year I found these awesome painting videos from Scott Waddell and have been watching them over and over.

Art studio going digital
Most of my well known artist friends have been painting from computer monitors, I've decided to go digital as well. This will save me from printing those expensive color prints and give me the flexibility to zoom in and look at more details. Being the geek that I am.

Very interesting talk on "Deskilling"

Helen Brown Art Scam
Received a scam in the email that look like the following. I'm glad I was able to find Kathleen's blog about this scam. Hello, Hope this message finds you well.

Amazing David Kassan Alla Prima painting!
David Kassan is one of my favorite artists. I'm sharing this on my blog because I've learned a ton by watching this. Thank you David for providing this free video on YouTube!

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