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yvonne elizabeth artworks

Artist directory :: yvonne elizabeth artworks

calligraphy, photography, healing arts

yvonne elizabeth artworks


yvonne elizabeth  
"just as one would wish to speak not only clearly but with some civilized and musical quality of grace, so one may wirte, and the writing be worthy of the name of Calligraphy ~ by which is meant ~ handwriting considered as an art." growing up all over these united states, yvonne has lived in a variety of beautiful settings and quickly learned to appreciate the colors and patterns in this ever-changing world. she graduated from a commercial art program early on, and made her living at a local newspaper building ads ("ours is not to question taste, ours is but to cut and paste!"). she has dabbled in pastel portraits, and pen-and-ink, but her true love remains calligraphy. being left-handed (and right-brained) has been a challenge at times...but one...


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picturesque downtown
Natick, MA 01760
United States


wedding & event photography artful, evocative images showcasing your unique moment in time...
calligraphy unique hand-lettering and design
photography my new england
tum do anam sa gra' fragile flames.... never, ever for sale
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cold, cold heart.

broadmoor nature sanctuary

thank you!
thanks to all who came out on saturday evening to the reception for "new beginnings" at the sturbridge coffeehouse ... thank you to pia and jen for the opportunity... thanks also to jonathan cook of the sturbridge town common for the story...

on lost relationships ~
"there comes a point in your life when you realize: who matters who never did who won't anymore and who always will. so don't worry about people from your past ~ there's a reason they didn't make it to your future." thank you, lisa...i love you!

conflicted, northampton on holiday from this and many other things… please excuse me while i try to figure out just exactly whatthephuck i think i’m doing.

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