A Terry Gilliam-Like Dream

... I am in a concrete room that has a raised concrete section toward one wall, but not against it, creating a narrow alleyway in the room between the slab and the wall. In this room I am watching a man being confronted by another guy who is upset that he did not get the picture-hanging hooks that he wanted. The first man is apologetic and offers a curtain hanger hook in its place to hang up the picture the other man wants to hang of his daughter. But apparently this is not good enough so he grabs the hook and throws it across the raised platform to the far wall. The first man is now more scared. The second guy begins doing an aggressive posturing dance and does a rap song in preparation to beat up the other man. My point of view at this point in the dream is from the perspective of the scared man. I close my eyes and wait for the beating. However, I decide I must talk my way out of this. I open my eyes and try to say something to the other guy but my voice stammers and I stutter trying to find the words that will save my ass.
 Now I am no longer in the point of view of the scared man, but instead watching it again from a short distance away. Another man walks into the room to help the angry guy beat up the other guy. I am now back in the dream as a husky, but geeky, blond guy wearing white clothes. The scared man turns into a small white disc that tries to hide on a countertop table behind a glass jar. The disc pleads, " I'm just living for the future. Please don't hurt me!" 
I (as the geeky blond guy) grab the disc and throw it across the room where it bounces off the walls, flies out the archway door and falls down a storm drain. I do this to help him escape. Needless to say the other two guys are not happy about this. I go outside and crawl into the storm drain to find the disc and hopefully rescue the man so I can turn him back into a human being. I have to crawl on my belly using my elbows to move along as I make my way through the shallow water. I know that the other two guys will be following me trying to find the disc first. I continue to crawl in the underground storm drains, water rushing underneath me, and find my way into a larger room that looks almost like a theater. There is a stage with a bluish backdrop where women on swings go back and forth in the air. Walking around on the ground are men wearing snorkels, flippers and tight swim shorts. It turns out that this is a Terry Gilliam movie and the men with the flippers and snorkels are representing sperm cells. I get the impression that the "disc man" is in here somewhere and I am seeing a theatrical representation of his conception implied by the women on swings and the snorkeled men that walk around below them. It turns out that Penny Marshall is in this movie and she's playing a queen or something of the sort. She is also on a swing and is wearing gaudy makeup with jewels stuck to her face. She's old, but very comical in this scene...


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