Robe de Demi-Saison 1918

       This exquisitely embroidered wool dress and matching hat is the perfect ensemble to spoil a very special Bleuette- perhaps your own…

        This era marks the end of the First World War, and my favorite for Bleuette dressing. Simpler designs began to emerge, but surface embellishment was still highly favored.
   You will love the antique fabric that I used to create this beautiful dress. Its a natural fiber, most likely a wool and silk blend because of the amazing luster and draping qualities. The broken twill weave adds interest and dimention.

   Silk thread embroidery graces the collar, pockets, neckline, belt and cuffs. I used a fabulous antique button for the belt closure.

  Like the dress,  the chapeau is also an L.S.D.S. pattern . The crown is matching wool/silk, with a vintage velveteen brim. Trimmed with a silk cord tassel, the hat is lined in silk and finished with the Bluebird Textiles Label.

     This is truly a stunning creation fit for the finest of dolls!

Note: doll , socks and shoes not included.

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